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This is a responce to a journal post made by my mate, and as such addresses the question she posed  'Tell me, is there anything that you guys have always wanted to do but have never had the courage to do so?  Does a lack of perceived talent prevent you from doing what you love?'

My answer is thus:  There are in fact several things that I would love to do that I would love to do but lack the courage or talent to do.  First and foremost is pretty straightforward: for a long time I have wanted to draw things that are beyond my current scope, and seem beyond my talent to render them to the detail and quality of which they have appeared in my mind.  This may be due to a lack of practice, but every time I put pencil to paper to begin one, I am confronted by how lacking I find my skill to be.  These drawings have been in my head for some time, years in the case of some more elaborate ones.  It is torturous to have these ambitions but not be able to execute them.

The next is something more simple.  I have wanted to learn to play the harmonica for years, even buying one myself.  This I have tried, but the type I got isn't what I had wanted, and I haven't put much effort towards it as a result so this is betrayed by my own behavior as opposed to any anxiety or self-consciousness.

The last one is held back not only by a lack of confidence but also by a known lack of talent, as well as supplies.  I've also wanted to learn to play guitar.  Not acoustic but electric, and the level at which I want to learn to play is also beyond what I know I can do.  i would have to start learning from the beginning again and i'm unsure if it's even worth my while to think about it, really.

And now onto something completely different.

I tried to purchase one of my textbooks today due to the fact I need it for a paltry bit of an assignment.  Yes, I have good reason why I hadn't bought it but I'm not really feeling up to explaining it right now.  That's for another day, if not at all, but I digress.  When I tried to use my debit card for the purchase it was declined.  After the cashier reset the card reader, I unsuccessfully tried to use the card again.  As of now, I am sitting without the book and and am somewhat perplexed by the fact it didn't work.  Seeing as I am right now, I should fill out a job application to kill some of the time I have until my ride arrives  but I am somewhat out of ideas as where to apply at the moment.  *sighs*  I'm not trying to avoid getting a job, but I'm just a tad stumped for leads.
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I am the mate of Thalkorthepromaniac. I am going to stay with my mate for the rest of my life. Expect me to expand on this more later on, sense at the moment, I am a bit tired.

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